Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Treasure hunting

a tray full of treasure
A very English treat is to stumble upon a church or town hall, when there is a sale underway. With the current upsurge in interest for all things vintage, handmade or home produced, it's easy to find these events in a town or village near to home. Wandering about these impromptu sales is the perfect antidote to too much work.
This stall at a local antiques and craft day,  drew me in with its seductive colours. It was run by a really lovely lady too.
It's my experience that there are two types of people, the majority, and those all too rare souls who are pure energy and inspiration. Usually we encounter such folk exactly when we need to, and they will often just come right out and say things that can change our life forever...

treasure chosen
'I see you are living your bliss'... she said.
I'd never heard this phrase before, and being somewhat jaded from a heap of deadlines, I was about to dismiss such a seemingly drippy comment. But seduced as I was by that bead tray, I stayed. I learned so much about each of the stones, their source, their history; books were recommended and my choices of beads congratulated. Slowly my work tense shoulders dropped and I became my better self.
Despite the chores of paperwork, the sometimes achingly exacting deadlines, and the insecurities of the creative life; she is right. I love what I do...
I love most, the promise of new ideas.
So, my little stash of treasure is hours of imaging new designs, it's the gentle delight of touching silky smooth stones beautifully crafted by the stone cutters. Most of all it is a reminder to make time to do things I love the most, first for a change.