Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Cat out of the bag

folded and ready to go shopping
My brother recently fulfilled a lifelong dream, when he travelled to Japan for a month. He also did very well in the gift buying department for we many girls in the family.
A simply beautiful set of hand printed papers, each with a different pattern now sit on my desk, too lovely to do anything other than leaf through while daydreaming, or to use for back grounds in the occasional beady photograph.
But, squeee...
He also gave me this fantastic fold up bag. It is beyond adorable, the tail has a snap fastener that keeps it safely attached to my satchel. It is just the right size for those, 'I wasn't going to buy anything today' shopping moments.

guarding the goodies
When full the little cat drapes over the top of the bag to keep it closed. Folding it up and tucking the bag part away is a most happy ritual. It even has weeny paws printed on the underside. Awww! Bless!

I decided that it needed a spruce up and washed it... only to discover that it is almost waterproof, so if I am ever caught out in the wilderness I will be able to catch rainwater. I spent a very happy ten minutes filling it up to test my theory, there seems to be no end to the joys this little present brings.

So the cat is definitely out of the bag... I'm a sucker for cute!