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My latest book, Introduction to Albion Stitch, 
has been published by Kalmbach books and is now available.
Discover 20 designs to make and wear, using a mix of new two hole, shaped and seed beads. 
This book also includes new ways of working with Albion stitch to create pretty lace and filigree patterns.
Click on the link to find the book in my we shop where you'll also find a more detailed description.

I also write and publish beading and craft books through my tiny self publishing company, 
The Useful Booklet company... scroll down to find a title you might enjoy.

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Albion Stitch is dear to my heart, my exploration of taking the simple picot and creating a whole new language of stitches to explore. Albion Stitch can be worked in flat, tubular, three dimensionally and used to create a huge range of lovely lacy beadwork.
Book one has over twenty designs to try, plus a section with each chapter on choosing bead colours with lots of inspiration pictures and a gallery too.
The adventure continues if you'd like to explore some more...

 Albion Stitch is perfect for creating neat bezels that can accommodate corners and odd shaped cabochons easily. It's also perfect for 'drawing' with beads and can be worked up in any direction to create three dimensional beadwork. Albion Stitch Book Two, Developing the new beadwork stitch, is packed with step by step patterns for shaped beadwork including butterflies, dragonflies, bugs, flowers and leaves. Plus lots of inspiration for geometric and organically shaped beads, vessels and jewellery.

buy the book here

buy the book here
When I'm not busy beading I'm loving all sorts of other crafts as you can see from my posts. I'm really inspired that so many folk are busy creating with knitting, crochet, felt and other media.
New shops are, at long last opening, with the focus on delicious materials and a place to meet and work together. I got re-hooked on French knitting as a way to create fine cords for beaded pendants. I began to delve into the yarn stash and explore just how versatile a simple bobbin could be. The projects I share in French Knitting, a childhood craft revisited, are easy to work and use either a four or an eight pin bobbin. Make pretties with Adorn, a section devoted to wearable and wooly accessories. Home is the section to find cute vessels, flowers and even a bowl of strawberries, and Hug, an unashamedly cute set of cuddly makes.
All you need is a bobbin, some yarn and you're good to go!