Friday, 31 January 2014

Pretty Darling bracelets

Lace edged velvet ribbon from
VV Rouleaux
I had a lovely surprise last week when I discovered that my Pretty Darling bracelets had made the front cover of Bead magazine. It's always fun to design for magazines, but it has to be kept a secret until the magazine is published. I'm not good at keeping beady secrets! So I'd forgotten that the project would be appearing.

I had these pretty ribbons on my desk from VV Rouleaux one of my favourite stores for inspiration.Which got me thinking about those  old fashioned lace trimmings threaded through with ribbon ties.
Pretty Darlin Bracelets
image courtesy of Bead Magazine

I'd been meaning to stitch the ribbons onto a bag, but I'm glad now that I left them on my desk where they started a beading idea instead.
Pretty Darling is a mix of easy stitches, seed beads and fire polish crystals. I made it in girly colours for this spring issue magazine, but Red and black would be luscious for dressing up days, or how about matt metallics for serious work wear?

Bead magazine is available in print
or digitally.

Monday, 27 January 2014

New Broom

Already it's nearly the end of January and here I am still scrabbling to catch up with deadlines... that
was the New Year promise to self... to be cool and efficient and up to date with everything. To clear the deadlines and make lots of time to do the creative stuff...
Instead... each day ends way too soon, paperwork problems seem to multiply exponentially on the 'tackle it and it's done' mornings. Creativity flickers just out of reach, like raindrops on a window pane, but not getting things done is not an option... or so I thought...

I've already taught two full workshops, written up a few more, booked travel plans to get to shows and events, met up with at least three great friends I didn't get to see before the holidays, visited London to see an exhibition, made a couple more trips to museums, completed and handed in last months accounts, beaded up three new designs and colour ways, found, at long last a source of several items I'd been hunting for since forever, finally washed the kitchen floor (sigh, I know!!!), and it's not even the end of January yet...

I have one job on the deadline list that I am really really struggling to like and get on with, so it is turning everything and me grey with anxiety.
There is a quote, 'If something is tiring you, shift until it is inspiring you'. Nope, tried every angle, still not inspired, so next it is just good old fashioned slog it out till it's done.

Meanwhile, I find myself made happy with this cheerful bunch of pink broom, which I've put together with Rosemary, which is supposed to aid concentration!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bead and Button classes

This year is full of lovely classes! but first... I'll be bringing these four designs to Bead and Button in June, I can't wait! As class registration is about to commence, here is a little more detail for anyone tempted to join me.

First is the Spinning Wave. This is a multi layered design with a Wave bead on a beaded pendant, the ultimate 'worry bead' as the bead spins on it's axis. Worked in a mix of Albion Stitch and other techniques and finished with a gorgeously chunky Czech Glass spike. The perfect way to explore three dimensional beadwork in easy steps and part of a series of designs based on kinetic structures I can't wait to share.
The class booking form is here:

Nouveau Droplet is one of my all time favourite designs, Peyote stitch and bead stringing, with some dainty layered details. It works up quickly and includes three different beaded beads to explore. It is a great design for students in need of the next steps on from the beginner level, but detailed enough to give experienced beaders new ideas. The class booking form is here:

Country garden, a full blown Albion Stitch bloom and  leaves, full of detail and perfect for a
summer corsage. This design takes a little time to create, but works into a layered flower full of pretty details. The leaves are quick and fun to work, and can be worked flat, gently curled and grouped together to complement the flowers.
Book to take the class here:

Cigar band ring, I made this ring just for fun and was asked for the pattern every time I wore it. This is probably the most comfortable beaded ring, full of colour and detail and a lovely blending of stitch techniques. Perfect for anyone who's mastered the basics of thread tension. We'll be exploring different scales for bracelets and pendants too. The class booking forms are here: