Monday, 27 January 2014

New Broom

Already it's nearly the end of January and here I am still scrabbling to catch up with deadlines... that
was the New Year promise to self... to be cool and efficient and up to date with everything. To clear the deadlines and make lots of time to do the creative stuff...
Instead... each day ends way too soon, paperwork problems seem to multiply exponentially on the 'tackle it and it's done' mornings. Creativity flickers just out of reach, like raindrops on a window pane, but not getting things done is not an option... or so I thought...

I've already taught two full workshops, written up a few more, booked travel plans to get to shows and events, met up with at least three great friends I didn't get to see before the holidays, visited London to see an exhibition, made a couple more trips to museums, completed and handed in last months accounts, beaded up three new designs and colour ways, found, at long last a source of several items I'd been hunting for since forever, finally washed the kitchen floor (sigh, I know!!!), and it's not even the end of January yet...

I have one job on the deadline list that I am really really struggling to like and get on with, so it is turning everything and me grey with anxiety.
There is a quote, 'If something is tiring you, shift until it is inspiring you'. Nope, tried every angle, still not inspired, so next it is just good old fashioned slog it out till it's done.

Meanwhile, I find myself made happy with this cheerful bunch of pink broom, which I've put together with Rosemary, which is supposed to aid concentration!

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