Friday, 31 January 2014

Pretty Darling bracelets

Lace edged velvet ribbon from
VV Rouleaux
I had a lovely surprise last week when I discovered that my Pretty Darling bracelets had made the front cover of Bead magazine. It's always fun to design for magazines, but it has to be kept a secret until the magazine is published. I'm not good at keeping beady secrets! So I'd forgotten that the project would be appearing.

I had these pretty ribbons on my desk from VV Rouleaux one of my favourite stores for inspiration.Which got me thinking about those  old fashioned lace trimmings threaded through with ribbon ties.
Pretty Darlin Bracelets
image courtesy of Bead Magazine

I'd been meaning to stitch the ribbons onto a bag, but I'm glad now that I left them on my desk where they started a beading idea instead.
Pretty Darling is a mix of easy stitches, seed beads and fire polish crystals. I made it in girly colours for this spring issue magazine, but Red and black would be luscious for dressing up days, or how about matt metallics for serious work wear?

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