Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Classroom colours

For students coming to class this spring and summer, here are the colour choices available as kits for the designs I will be teaching. All class kits contain everything needed except needles and thread.
Please allow for the limitations of screens as to the accuracy of colour. Please scroll down to find your chosen class colourways.

Left: Toast. Centre: Ocean. Right: Charcoal.
Makoda, the spinning pendant of tranquility.

Left: Leaves. Centre: Violets. Right Sunshine.

Harlequin,  the colourful and fun lariat.
Left: Silver. Centre: Copper. Right Gunmetal.
 MoonGazer Masterclass
Left: Silver white. Centre  Iridescent green. Right: Ginger gold
(Hilzingen only)

Bethany, an Elizabethan inspired necklace
Far left: Silver violet. Centre left: Gunmetal turquoise.
Centre right: Gold ocean, Far Right: Copper plum

Merry Go Round bracelet
Left: Erinite Gold. Centre Tanzanite gunmetal.
Right Topaz copper.

MoonStar crystal pendant
Left: Muscat and copper.
Centre: black and pewter.
Right Eggplant and purple

Spinning Wave