Friday, 24 May 2013

Milk crate chic

grape hyacinth and primroses
My lovely German beady chums call the pass time of browsing for inspiration 'Schnicky Schnacky shopping'.
Whilst on a trip to the lovely town of Totnes in Devon (a haven for schnicky schnacky addicts), I found this adorable little milk crate. It reminded me momentarily, of being made to drink definitely 'on the turn' warm milk at small school.
The government meant well, bless 'em, but those little quarter pints of 'free school milk' lined up in crates by the radiator all morning, had toddlers little hearts sinking across the land.
Shuddersome thoughts were soon banished by more grown up imaginings of eclectic mixes of garden flowers and how lovely they would look in a mini milk crate.
Zeitgeist moment

Once home and for their first outing, I took cuttings from the riotous proliferation of primroses and grape hyacinth that have colonised the lawn.
Spring has been even more dreary than the long and soggy winter, so the lawn mower is staying put and these cheerful ambassadors of finer weather are more than welcome.

Anyhoo,  imagine my enormous delight, (and, ahem, a solid justification to self that my frippery was so 'on trend' darling...), when I found 'my' mini crate gracing the cover of a spring issue of Country Living magazine.