Tuesday, 24 April 2012

shop, share, recycle

all wrapped up in recycled ribbon
I'm doing that spring thing of clearing out cupboards. Partly due to necessity as there is something damp and mouldish happening in a far corner that needs much clearing out before a 'man' can be called in to have a look... why the 'man' can't climb over boxes of craft stuff just like he has to at home is one of those social nicety dilemma's that it's just easier to do a bit of tidying than to ponder too deeply. What is guaranteed is that the 'man' is going to want a lot of money to sort the mouldish thing.

Embracing the zen of clearing space in order to welcome in the new... I took a big bag of knitting wools left over from when I was writing my French Knitting book, to our local charity shop. In turn I came away with the most adorable nonsense. A second hand plate with three knitted cakes all done up in cellophane. I am slightly triumphant as I have wanted to own knitted cup cakes ever since my friend Becs knitted some adorably cute ones for her mini me's and has yet to knit me one despite much begging... and despite that I am a grown up and ought to knit my own, I guess.

knitted fancies WITH cherries on top!
I love quirky trends, the cup cake revolution was astonishing to witness, and seems to continues apace. This symbol that seems to have kick started the vintage kitsch revolution is either a divine manifestation of our collective need for creating and fun, or terribly descriptive of the wastefulness of our consumer culture. Somehow I don't mind as long as there are folk out there who want to hand make things, to sew, knit, bead, embroider, well or badly, but sustain these lovely expressive crafts.
Back to the zen clearing thing and my bulging bag of left over yarns will be knitted up into cute recycled gifts, which will give the knitter the pleasure of her hobby and the purchaser a delightful object, whilst raising funds for the charity, cosmic.