Friday, 20 April 2012

Ravishing Ranunculas

Ranuncula's for a rainy day
It's raining, neither cats, nor dogs, nor even men, just big grey clouds full of water spaloshing all over the landscape. The kind or rain that makes the down pipes sing and the recycling bins into a percussion unit.
We are on 'drought alert', so the rain is welcome, by the earth and the good green garden if not by the actual gardener herself. After the unseasonal warm and sunny weather I'm finding it soooo hard to go back to enjoying wet and gloom, and those 'creep in round the edges' little chilly draughts.
Having just been soaked en route to the post office, soaked again when I noticed all the dishes under the plant containers were overflowing and needed upside downing... then once more again!!!! on the trip to get essential groceries because I've been too busy beading and getting ready for a weekend workshop to notice that we will starve if I didn't go do it a bit sharpish.
So, for no other reason than to cheer up a very wet shopper and gloomy rainy afternoon, I splashed out and bought a bunch of flowers.
Feast your eyes and draw inspiration from these Ranuncula nestling among some golden rod. Shouty Happy Yellow, they glow with sunshiny goodness Yipeee!!!!