Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I am a great believer in the usefulness of daydreaming. It helps sort things out in my head.. which, because of the kind of work I do, is usually running several programmes at once. The daydream is my re-boot.
I also find colour gazing is another simple way to clear out left over thoughts and irritations... almost as soothing as dunking chocolate in a warm mug of tea (forbidden luxury I know).
One recent colour gazing moment was tuning in to this lovely hazy faded mix of delicate duck egg blue, bitter chocolate, cloud grey and other lovely shades of nearly neutralness. Witness the new cardigan from East... a truly indulgent purchase which sort of sums up this lovely seasonal mix.
new season cardi from East
Fab with jeans (oh that time worn phrase!). I'd love to be wearing all this seasons pretty floral frocks... but I am just not a frock shaped person. OK, so colour gazing, not merely an excuse to fall in love with new cloths, but a great way to find new ideas for the beading.
I have some favourite designs, those tried and tested that you find yourself making again and again... among which is my Sugar Candy bracelet. It is an easy mix of different netting techniques from around the world, worked over coloured acrylic crystal cabs. I've worn this one nearly every day since I made it using gold lined clear aqua seed beads with a matt mushroom colour accent.
Sugar Candy bracelet in new colours

Tudor Bauble works with any
mix of vintage pearls and crystals
I've also dug out my Tudor Bauble necklace. Since I originally designed it there have been lots of these 'beaded bead with pearls' designs created by my fellow bead artists. I'm still loving mine as it's kind of flexible and will accommodate the beads you have in your stash. This one is made with lovely greeny blue pearls rescued from a broken necklace, I'm thinking of simply re-stringing it on matt silver chain.

Once the colours start to catch your eye it's amazing how easy it is to gravitate towards them as the new favourite.
So at this point should I confess to the dove grey and teal stripe cardi gleaned from the White Stuff sale?... the lace scarf in a very intriguing mix of charcoal and teal I found on a street stall?... or should I just go put the kettle on!!!