Friday, 17 February 2012

places to be people to see

Hands up! this is my least favourite time of year, there was plenty of winter before Christmas, but now we are into the long haul months of dreary days before spring starts. It's hard to get going but the best cure there is for the winter, it to get out there and go see something new!
Last week I was down in Dorset for an Albion Stitch day with the lovely Priory Beaders. We had a brilliant day, but there was a big surprise in store for me. After another sub zero start and icy driving conditions, I'd dived straight into the church hall to warm up and then got straight into the teaching of the beading.
So the big surprise at lunch time was to discover a sunny day and that the hall backed right onto this gorgeous stretch of water which meanders down to the sea. There were even little mini sandy beaches, complete with pebbles and shells. Although bitterly cold it was a true tonic to stand and gaze at sparkling water and breath in some sea air.

Beech Avenue
On the way home I decided that, as the sun had melted the ice off the roads, I could take the scenic route back home through the rolling hills of Dorset. My favourite bit of road in this area is a mile long avenue of trees at Kingston Lacy, planted in 1835 as a birthday present for the lady of the manor. Hmmm, 'spect she got some diamonds too? no? can picture that scenario then, 'ooh lovely thank you 1500 beech trees I will never see mature, I is touched!' Pity the poor estate workers who had the job of planting them. Nowadays, these trees are magnificently gnarly and old, the road undulates and there is a wide grass verge each side of the road. These trees are so beautiful whatever time of the you pass underneath them. In winter their branches twist our over the road in amazing patterns.  In a slightly anarchic frame of mind I can also imagine said lady of the manor being bucketed around in her horse and carriage and wishing the house had been built maybe a weeny bit nearer to the road!

Next was the winding, climbing, plummeting, narrow road up to Shaftesbury... and oh look! just in time to stop in and buy some crystals at StitchnCraft. This time it was crystal Verde Rivoli's and a top up of other goodies to complete the dragonfly kits.... nearly done... promise!