Friday, 17 February 2012

Grisaille charm to go

Grisaille Charm
 a kit to make two
 shadow and light charms
I promised to show and share.... and would have done sooner, but life gets busy and before you know it a week or even two have gone by. Those lovely monochrome beads I bought at the bead fair made it to the bead tray and I had a lovely couple of evenings trying different ideas.
To the mix of grey and white pearls and crystal, I added some matt ivory and metallic pewter seed beads. You would think that working in Grisaille would be easy, but with less colour than usual to play with, getting the texture and balance right seems more exacting, plus you get a new player at the table, shadow. I've not really noticed shadow when working with coloured beads, but it really plays a role with a monochrome palette.
I've worked the design with some sections of colour reversed out and it's amazing how different the same pattern can look just by changing the bead from light to dark. I love this shadow and light idea so much the kits will include enough beads and findings to make two charms. Grisaille Charm will be posted on the website along with a kit, including two of those lovely freshwater pearl droplets... as soon as I've written the instructions.