Monday, 6 February 2012

buying white light

So... in the quiet half hour before the bead show closed, I had that lovely time... the taking my purse for a walk treat, which inevitably leads to the choosing of gorgeous bead situation... then the acquiring of a new and enticing bead stash circumstance. This happens organically, inevitably and is the very stuff of creation for bead lovers.
The snowy landscape with the stark darkness of branches and trees against the ever changing whiteness of snow has me drawn to stands displaying these strong contrasts. Like the old adage 'shadows are not grey', I'm finding there is no such thing as white. What a playground!

Freshwater pearls
First I visit with the lovely Eleanor of bead store Twinklepieces. Her show stand has lots of things that don't always get on to the website so it's nice to stop a while and take it all in.
For my wish list I find a divine faded blue agate, carved into facet beads, it's a natural colour between fave jeans and dried cornflowers. I covet a sinfully citrus string of yellow opal cut into fine discs, shall I go on?

In the end I determine to stick to my monochrome  ideas and choose a strand of  teardrop freshwater pearls, only to discover it will probably be a one off, so however I use them will need to be strictly 'limited edition'. I don't care though because they are dancing with subtle colour changes and just one added to a kit will be a treasure shared.
My snow day inspired stash of delights

The way light changes so much is just one element I love about the transformation snow brings. Remember waking up and just knowing before the curtains were opened that it had snowed in the night? The snow light I am thinking about is not the glare of sun drenched ski slopes, more that gently uplifting brightness under pinning a clouded sky. oops, there I go waxing a bit lyrical, apologies...

To go with my divine pearls I pick out glass pearls in storm cloud grey and creamy white. They make my pearls look much more coloured. I also indulge in a naughty treat, some facet crystals in a milky white with AB finish.
the field behind our house
Now that I am back home, I'm delighted with my swag bag and the way the different finishes and textures of beads reflect the light together.
Not as magical as sparkling frost, but gorgeously lovely in their own way.
I've picked out some matt grey and ivory seed beads and am now off to load up the bead tray, find a good movie and bead away the evening in front of the fire.

If I like the results I'll show and share another day.