Friday, 14 February 2014

Spring is hoped for...

The first tulips have arrived at our local florist, labelled 'Best Tulips' and priced accordingly, but
tempting none the less. These vibrant orange ones are as refreshing as a bite of sun drenched orange, and will make me smile each time I walk past the windowsill. I have them on an old 1930's plate which is chipped but much loved and is the perfect shade of green to keep the 'hope for Spring' mood going.

I've put a big dish of orange and lemon peel on the radiator and can happily report that combination of fresh flowers and citrus scents is doing wonders for the winter blues. I know it is working because I'm reaching for brighter bead colours in vibrant combinations! reaching for Lime Zest and magenta!
The O beads are coming out in more new colours and I've been making lots of 'O Flower' rings and brooches, every time I wear one I get asked to make another for a friend, and as the design is quick and easy to do I'm happy to have the time to gift them.
O Flower, available as a pattern on my website