Friday, 7 February 2014


Jezebel bracelet in metallic gold, olive
and golden shadow crystals
Just before Christmas I was teaching a class in Bonn  in Petra's lovely studio at Das Perlament, if you
find yourself in the area Petra has a great range of workshops running throughout the year and the shop is packed with beady inspiration.
On the day, one of my students arrived with her completed Jezebel's Jewels bracelet from the workshop in Hamburg earlier in the year and I've been meaning to show and share since I got back. For me, it is always hugely flattering to see my designs completed and enjoyed, not least because a lot of time goes into a piece like this bracelet, time shared with me and the beads which is a gift in itself.

Meanwhile, back in Bonn, I photographed the bracelet on a beautiful wooden box in the studio, which gave a perfect setting. If I had time to sit and make one I'd fetch the beads right now as I simply fell in love with the vintage colour combination.
This weekend I was teaching the class again in the UK and it's always fun, so much sparkle! Several students were using stones with new coatings and I had a serious case of crystal envy, followed of course by a serious case of crystal shopping.