Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Solstice and sparkle

Solsice sun
So 2103, what a roller coaster of a year! My first ever Bead & Button show, teaching trips to the USA, Hamburg, Bonn and Cologne, and many more lovely classes full of students here in the UK.
A year full of old and new friends, lots of new beads, ideas and inspiration. I danced all night when Bruce Springsteen came to town and sang along so hard I lost my voice for a day or two. I saw legendary Fleetwood Mac live in London, where Christine McVie came onto the stage for just one beautiful song.
There were low points too, the hard times when you just have to go on smiling and being kind whilst feeling buffeted as one wave after another rolled over me and mine. Sometimes surfing, sometimes catching a crab.
But now is the quiet time, between the year end and the whole party revving up again for next year. Time to reflect on the highs and lows and resolve to learn and grow.
Time to do the sofa thing and catch up on movies, books, half finished knitting and to just relax.

Here at our house the nearly grown kittens are at the stage where it would be pure torment to have a sparkly christmas tree, so instead we are being a bit grown up.
I took my inspiration from this picture of the sun setting over our garden on a foggy winter day, Solstice day. From now on (although it won't seem like it for a few months) the days will get longer. It's no secret that the last couple of months of winter still ahead of us, are my least favourite, but for now it is the season to celebrate, eat, drink and be merry to offset the short dark days.

winter decorations
So instead of a tree, the window sill sports a vase full of gold and silver twigs with felt decorations, which although a kitten temptation, can do no real harm should the temptation prove too much. At worst if the twigs get nibbled there might be some sparkly poo!

On the sideboard, a bit too high for the kitties to want to explore, we have a beautifully frosty wreath of winter gatherings; pine cones twigs, fruits and berries. With room for candles in the evening. I'm loving the simplicity!

I found some little tea lights with led bulbs that twinkle enchantingly and have them scattered around the fireplace.
I am totally sold on this fireproof form of candlelight and my favourites come nestled in a realistic looking wax candle. The batteries are replaceable, and curious noses won't get singed!

Happy New Year to all my friends, near and far.