Sunday, 9 June 2013

Student inspired

Grace's loom woven loveliness
I don't often get the bead loom out these days, but have been tempted into doing so after a chance meeting with a student. Grace is a hugely talented spinner, patchworker,stitcher, beader and all round creative, who took a loom class with me a few years ago. It's always lovely to meet up with her, she is full of energy and always dressed in something exquisite about which she usually says, 'oh, just some odds and ends I threw into a dye bath or two', envy envy!!
I was touched and delighted when she showed me these bracelets. She's taken the original idea we worked on in class a step beyond. You can see the post here and try the techniques for yourself.
Having woven fine yarns and beadwork together on the loom, she has then gone back in to the piece, to work off the surface with more beadwork. The result is a lovely raised surface and as always, her colours are divine. Simple snap fasteners stitched to a woven selvedge are all that is needed to make the pieces instant wearables.
Meeting up with Grace has re-energised and inspired me to get the loom out and dusted down for some new ideas I've been mulling over.
Expect a mixed media loom class on next terms schedule!