Thursday, 6 June 2013

Glorious tulip

Tulip mania gorgeousness
Have you read about the history of tulip mania that gripped speculators and gardeners alike in the 17th
century? It's a salutary lesson of greed gone haywire, where slips of paper with flower names on were traded for astronomical fortunes; but at it's heart, the magic of propagation.
A friend arrived for a gossip the other day, carrying this divinely flamboyant tulip in a pot.
Our forebears would gnash their teeth with envy at the easy with which we can acquire such beautiful tulips. They are one of the few flowers that improve with age too, I like them best when they are gone a bit past prime and are curving and spreading so elegantly.
Once it finished flowering, I  planted the bulbs of this one out in the courtyard and hope it will come again in the spring next year.