Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Let it snow, Mistletoe

Let it snow, mistletoe beaded charm
I've long debated whether to offer my designs as downloads. Call me old fashioned, but I rather love receiving the deliveries of brown cardboard boxes packed with freshly printed patterns. Opening the box is a print lovers heaven scent of silken paper and exotic inks. I also get great pleasure in packaging up my orders in old fashioned crisp paper and cellophane bags, with pretty cards and lovely labels.
I am not so fond of the constantly rising prices of postage, so totally can see why my lovely beading customers in distant lands would prefer the immediacy of downloads.
Now to my personal gripe... and this is being, I know, an editorial aesthete, but... there seems to be a great store and set by offering design instructions on pages and pages and pages and pages.

So, pattern on a postcard was a little technical challenge to see whether it could be done, first here for a much requested design and now given away free with my clasps. Next here, with a design I wanted to share to help the many fund raising requests.
So of course now I'm loving the process, a kind of pattern writing haiku and find myself reviewing designs mentally to see if they can be edited to fit. Of course, these designs by necessity assume a level of ability and are not intended for beginners... although Daisy chains on a postcard is a definite possibility for beginner classes.

I have finally dared myself to try and master the technicalities needed to offer downloads in my webshop. I will be putting more designs into the store as quickly as I convert them from my beloved A5 booklets to easy to download one sided A4's...
So this little pattern is just one lovely printed postcard here, or a single A4 sheet download pdf  here.