Sunday, 16 December 2012

Did you Rizo yet?

Millipilli, two designs using
Rizo beads
Rizo, or little grain of rice (?), is a new Czech bead which is about the size and shape of... a grain of rice with a hole across one end. 'Meh, and so?' was my first thought, a mini dagger. But these are beguiling little things once you start working with them and now I am completely in love with Rizo!!!!!
I've created several patterns already, all of which, if only I had the time, I long to make in more and more colours and variations...
Centipilli, a Rizo and
Roses (montees) design
Colleagues have instantly used the beads as petals and in bezels, lovely and set to become a firm favourite with beaders. But, for me, what is truly appealing is to see them en masse, and happily, the neatly tapered shape behind the hole means that these beads will nestle and line up in any design from the simplest to the most complex.
To date here are my creations, made with the first sample beads to arrive. Millipilli was the idea that got me thinking about the satisfyingly bristly textures this bead can create, utterly tactile, like the best jewellery should be. Centipilli happened because there is always a need for simple patterns too, the 'make it in an evening and wear it next day' projects. I love this one and have plans for many more, and yes the Rizo do stay in that position. Both these designs are available from bead store where you can also feast on Rizo in a truly delicious array of colours.

Jurassica, don't you just want to
 stroke it!
Jurassica too, a different
and more random texture
Jurassica is the successor of Millipilli, the design where I just wanted to explore the grouping of these beads to make something strokable and textured.
For me, this is where these beads become interesting and I'll be pushing this idea around some more in the weeks to come.
Truthfully I haven't taken my Jurassica bracelet off since I finished off the last thread tail! and I soooo want to go shopping for more and edgier colourways. The design can also be worked to make more random textures as in the pink version. Jurassica is available in my webshop as a download pdf or a traditional printed version.