Sunday, 2 September 2012

refill and recharge

The Isle of  Wight vase
So, beader's block... beading envy... bead fatigue... whatever it was I am now on a 'recharge the batteries mission' to get uber inspired and full of energy for the hectic autumn ahead. I Love my beading and the slight negativity in my last post was less about the gorgeousness of beads and beading and more about the frustration of one who has beaded on demand for too many weeks without pause.
OK so in work mode the interaction of emails, facebook, i-messages, pokes, tweets and general tendency to also pick up the phone for a good old gossip can make the reclusive studio life anything but. Which is lovely, to be so connected, with fun friends, with responsive customers, with suppliers and so on, life affirming and enriching even.

Same vase different daylight
But it's also really lovely to be able to take time out, and come back inspired.
So, while I go recharge, fill up some sketchbooks, get away from the desk to see a horizon...

I'll leave you with this adorable little glass treasure, a handcrafted stem vase from the glassmakers on the Isle of Wight, a wee gifty that arrived in the studio for me a few weeks back. This I fell instantly in love with because it 'is' the sea, and rock pools, and sliding surf, soft watery skies and utterly English sunsets and dawn breaks. I gaze on it often and relish the transience of colour and light.