Saturday, 22 September 2012

late summer roses

My little green basket
Late summer is the best time, the warmed earth time, the ripening fruit time, and the very best time to see the last of the roses grown a little bit wild and reckless. Late summer evenings are the time to drink in the scent of roses. So, I was in a junk store the other day (when am I not, given the chance), and came across this delightful Wade Heath pottery ceramic basket. Many years ago I had a Wade Heath pottery rabbit... that got left in a garden, and which I fondly imagine hidden in a wilderness of overgrown weeds.
Technically a Flaxman Wade Heath ceramic. Wade Heath started in 1810, but split in the 1950's, one part becoming simply Wade and producing licensed character ceramics such as Disney and the 'Whimsies' ranges.
My newly acquired basket dates from the 1930's and has no real financial value, you can easily pick up Wade Heath ceramics for pocket money prices.
Who cares, it is a little snippet of history and of a particular shade of green glaze that anchors it firmly in time to it's production date. It is also a green that is quietly calming and allows flowers and foliage to show off.
The roses and hydrangea in the picture are fake! gasp! My dears with the summer we've had most of the roses gave up weeks ago, then ones left are just too brave to be picked.
I am a demon for slipping in a few fake flowers here and there... they are so beautifully made these days enabling you to do that whole, 'The gardener sent these up this morning for the house ma'rm', Downton Abbey type scenario; whilst actually living in a small cottage. It is also a great way to play colouring in when nature is sulking from a summer of rain.