Monday, 5 December 2011

Little Owls

crochet and stitched owls
I love the way little icons suddenly get popular, just now it seems that cute owls are everywhere, cleverly made from all sorts of materials. Last year I made these crochet and felt ones for my chums. I stuffed them with cloves and cinnamon so the christmas parcels would smell nice.
Since then I've gradually acquired several variations of fabric ones, from adorably fat ones made of vintage Kimono silk, to colouring book graphic ones made of hand embroidered felt.
felt, cotton and silk owls

I can remember patterns for similar in the magazines and 'How to' books of my childhood. Now they pop up in handmade sites like Folksy and Etsy, with modern twists and endearingly thoughtful and clever variations.

Out of curiosity and a desire to add my own craft to the in love with owls mix, I decided to have a go at making a beady one myself. What started as a 'how can I make a basic owlish shape easily?' turned into several evenings of beading origami as I added or subtracted beaded components! finally remembering the golden rule of 'There are no rules'
I decided to just mix it up and have some fun.
Little Owl charm is now available as lovely kit  for you to create, packed full of beads, thread, needle, charm strap and instructions. It's a really stitch sampler too with no less than five different stitches, enjoy!