Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Friendship Fairies

My neighbour is one of those gifted gardeners who seems to broadcast seeds in the spring and have a burgeoning cottage garden all summer, without ever appearing to do very much, it is a gift I admire and envy. A delight this summer were swathes of purple poppies. The seed heads ripened into perfect rounds and tickled a little idea into existence. She kindly let me harvest as many as I wanted...
Which I dried, and saved all the seed (they just fall out if you upside down the Dried seed head).
poppy heads gently dried

First I painted the seed heads with a nice thick white emulsion paint. Then I added hair with brown acrylic paint. Two dots for eyes, a little red heart for a mouth and a couple of pink splotches for cheek.

Next,  twist some seed beads onto fine wire and wrap a strand to make a little tiara. Paint the very top of the seed head with a gold magic marker, instant fairy crown!

ready for Christmas
Wrap pipe cleaners (chenille wire) for arms and legs, changing over the yarn colours to make simple boots. Tie these to the stalk then wrap it all with a length of lace. This secures everything forms a little body and creates underwear too. Make a simple top with felt, a skirt with patchwork fabric, then cut a simple butterfly wing shape from craft tin, stamp or punch out holes for added pattern then sew to the fairy back.
Believe me this is great fun if you are doing a batch. Mine came out kind of 'Boden' with sensible A line skirts and boiled wool jackets.

I really don't have time to bead fabulous gifties, but I do like to make something as a little thank you for my friends who help me in lots of ways through the year.

Each one arrives with a little card and a packet of poppy seeds ready to scatter in the garden, so next year girls... you too can make fairies!
Friendship fairies