Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bento box beading

In my travels I've discovered that, just like me, most beader's are on a never ending quest for great storage. Who hasn't rushed out to shop when storage envy strikes at a bead meet?
Portable storage is a quest, either to haul stash to class, or like me, to have everything for a project in one place when I sit down to bead.

I was using the plastic trays you get with food packaging, they are free, abundant, and there's the feel good factor of recycling, but they are just not, y'know, all that pretty to look at.

Then I converted to these plastic food boxes with lids. This was necessary because, after some lengthy searches and moments of complete befuddlement, I realised that one of my cats likes nothing better than fishing out a baggie of beads to go play with... when I'm not looking.
This kind of  box is also great because they can be stacked, if you are a multi project beader. They are made if almost clear plastic, so you can see what's inside; take a fair amount of stuff. But, it is a fishing expedition through the packets and tubes to find the next thing you need to use.

Now though, I feel so happy, I have graduated to a Bento box. I saw these in our local supermarket, they had me at Lime green, but the pocket money prices was all it took to commit. Even if I didn't have a use for it, it's adorable! Should I brand name? It's made by Sistema, widely available
(I google checked for you and, Oh My! they have a gazillion variations, pink and purple too! So you are bound to find one to suit your beady need and spend allowance).
Me? I may be acquiring a slightly larger version, perfect for the travelling, then maybe one for the art stuff, and...and...

It has little lift out trays, deliciously translucent so you can see through to the next layer; which is a plentiful storage space Inn this variation there is a screw top pot for all the random odds and end it takes to build a bead project (for scale, those are 14mm Rivoli in the pot). Long and short bead tubes fit comfortably, and the lift out trays make a great tool station to sit next to the bead board.
I also really like that the lid is segmented, you can put the lift out trays there, or just use it for sorting the larger than seed beads bits and bobs without them rolling away.

Best of all, it is completely cat and accident proof with a snap close clasp that is good and strong.