Friday, 4 March 2016

Sunrise, Sunset

Last year I was a smidge lavish and treated myself to a cabochon. Well, I know, this is not an uncommon treat for self, but this particular cabochon was an investment, I went to visit it several times before I thought up enough reasons to justify the cost, but in the end it was the swift and unarguable, 'if you don't you will always regret it' thought. Tada! Sonora Sunrise Jasper in all it's vivid glory. Also known as Sonora Sunset Jasper, Chrysocolla Cuprite has been mined in Sonora, Mexico since 2006. Aparently it is a healing stone used for strengthening the body's resistance and bringing a calm feeling where there is upset.
Honestly, it just makes me happy to look at such a natural wonder.

It also stirred up memories of this big book of paintings by Gerard Curtis Delano (1880-1972).

Sundown in the Canyon

Medicine Bird, Denver Art Museum, Colorado. Visit if you can,

I spent many happy hours as a child looking at the amazing landscapes, I would work slowly through the book, lost in the wide open spaces, soaking in the colour, the time of day, the heat of the sun; calmed by the strangeness of a place so unlike our green, hedge and tree filled corner of England. To a seven year old, this was a magical place of retreat

Now back to the beautiful stone and how to do the beading thing and make it into a wearable. There were a few false starts, I tried various bezels, but none really honoured the stone. In the end I added texture in a mix of seed beads in the colours of the stone, with red coral and turquoise beads and antique pewter beads. Fringing grew from the edges, which gave me the idea for a big textured bail. I found some lampwork glass beads to link it together. The rest of them are included in a right angle weave rope which is worked is size 8 seed beads and embellished with 11's. It is huge! and I love wearing it, it does bring a calm feeling just like Mr Delano's paintings did all those years ago.
Sonora necklace.
Sonora Necklace detail.