Saturday, 15 November 2014

It's curtains in the kitchen

raw materials
Thank you for the gentle nudges from my lovely band of blog followers to get posting!
How does she find the time, I hear you muse when I reveal a sudden bout of domesticity and the making of new kitchen curtains. While anyone who has ever had a big deadline will recognise immediately the displacement activity tactics I've fallen in to, as one or two rather big projects near deadline date.
We took ownership of the kitchen curtains too, when we bought our house fourteen years ago. They have been perfectly serviceable and regularly laundered, but it did strike me eventually that it was time to take ownership of my kitchen windows and hang my own curtains. I am not good at interiors, I can pretty up a window sill and re-arrange cushion covers. The bigger scheme of step ladders, pots of paint and whole room makeovers is something I never seem to get a chunk of time to deal with. I know what to do in principle, but put it off to avoid the chaos and upheaval not to mention the extra work an old house inevitably reveals once you get started.
The view from here
So, I am easing myself in with baby steps, which begin with renewing those 'not chosen by' me curtains at long last.
Tada! here are my acid lime, button embellished, home made curtains which took a whole afternoon of hand sewing and a smattering of cutting and
They are made from a bargain bundle of pure cotton tea towels, some cotton ticking braid and a pile of mismatched buttons. In, of course, all my favourite shades of turquoise and green, mustard and lime. They create a really cheerful mood with the light streaming through them.
Now, where did I put that Farrow and Ball paint catalogue!
tabs tackled
Love my vintage button collection!