Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Invitation to Bead

Starter Tool Kit.
I spent a fair chunk of last year working with Frome Beaders. Frome is a small but very lively and creative town in Somerset, the bead group meets there once a month. They have been meeting up for ten years and a 10th Anniversary definitely needs celebrating! There was a party, lots of cake and yet, a feeling that something more was needed to mark the occasion. Which is how the group decided that they would love to write a beading book, and use the proceeds to continue the good work started by Minerva Beaders and their book, Minerva Spirals. The funds raised go to the Ambuya Foundation, which you can read all about here.

Brick Stitch Butterflies,
Invitation to Bead book.
The group decided that they wanted to write, 'The book we wish we'd had when we first started beading'. There followed months of beading, ideas, do overs and slowly an enchanting collection of very easy projects emerged. Everyone joined in and came up with, 'the thing I wish I'd known and couldn't find in a book', lists of tips, suggestions and how to tackle the basics. They created designs from simple bracelets to enchantingly dainty butterflies. The techniques are familiar, the ideas tried and tested, and the results are pieces many will enjoy making and wearing. It was finally time to hand over the big box of beadwork send me home to my camera to turn it all into the book.
Stop Start Spiral Ropes
Invitation to Bead book

A bead group is a family and of course includes an extended family of husbands, one was a wizz at diagrams and did the step diagrams for us. Another had the gentle patience to proof read and correct the first draft, more still came on board to second and third proof.
What I love best about this little book is the friendly welcome it extends, with a lovely beading group atmosphere alive between the pages.
Cover shows Peyote Rope variations.

Since the first edition was published, Frome Beaders have been very busy, visiting bead shows, demonstrating their designs, canvassing shops and writing articles for local press and national beading magazines. They've even set up stall in a local library and supermarket foyer tempting passers by to have a go with needle and beads.

The book is also available here in the Heatherworks shop and the web page includes  information about how the money will be spent. Join in the fun, help us fundraise and treat yourself to a copy of Invitation to Bead.