Thursday, 20 March 2014

City Bangle

Urban chic alert! I love my rural setting, but sometimes it's nice to get busy in a city. I was inspired by the thought of how cities are full of mechanical movement and how it all works like clockwork while we humans bustle like busy ants. How everything is designed and refined, which led to the mechanics of getting about and an amazing source of inspiration.
Go on, google 'images of tyres' and be amazed like I was by the huge range of patterns carved into slick rubber, cool!
So now I can't help but check out those wheels whenever I'm out and about.
City Bangle was also inspired by this random art installation.
Well I'm guessing it was art as it was just sitting in a big glass window with no signage. I love it! Random acts of neon colour and of course the blue green is definitely in my zone.
The design came out of these observations and it's one of those which is great to sit and make, takes a little time, but not so great for a class because it takes a little time.
Once I had the moves in place I had a tinker with the scale and just love the chunkiness when it's scaled down to ring size.
Thread the rings onto a scarf, or be like me and wear one (or more... more is always good), on your thumb.

City Bangle is worked over a thin metal bangle.
The pattern is in my store as a downloadable pdf
or traditional printed version, and I have packs of three wire bangles to go with it. Enjoy.