Friday, 9 August 2013

pay it forward

Little Owl bookmark
I've had the delightful honour to be included in a really simple but clever project.
Napolde at Fairy Pearls has invited an international roll call of beadwork designers to simply contribute images of their work.
These she converts into beautifully hand finished bookmarks complete with silky ribbon and colour matched beads... and the proceeds of the sales go to help a children's charity.
I love this kind of energy and the bookmarks are totally collectable!
It was great fun choosing pics for 'my' bookmarks, and even more fun browsing all the other gorgeous images. So much talent, colour and beauty gathered together and all for a for a worthy cause.
I'll definitely be buying some when I visit her stand at Beader's Best in Hamburg later this month.
You can find all the bookmarks for purchase here and settle in with a mug of tea as there are many to choose from. Or if you like my selection, just click on the link below each image to go to the page, Happy shopping!

Jezebel's Jewel bookmark
Beetle on embroidered leaf