Thursday, 11 April 2013

Jezebel's Jewels

Sometimes serendipitous things happen just when you need them to, not often, but so fab when they do. I was just beginning to sort out my Jezebel's jewels class for later this year. I'll be teaching it in August at Beader's Best in Hamburg, and in the Dorset in the UK in November. Click the link to come join in the class!
Because... Squeeee... one of those dreamed of stashes of treasure has found me.  With perfect timing an email arrived in my in-box asking if I'd be interested in taking a peek into many boxes of crystals and beads, the remaining stock of a now closed costume jewellery business. I've had a tiny glimpse, and I'm itching to go visit, which I'll be doing later this month.
Jezebel's jewels is a design I've wanted to share for ages, with two different beady bezels for gleaming crystal stones and a versatile link, they can be joined together into a huge range of combinations. Anything from demure pendants, simple sparkly band bracelets or cute three dimensional crystal encrusted beads, to drama queen cuffs, lavish crucifixes and beyond. I'm so excited to see what my students will come up with... and now I'll be able to supply a divine hoard of crystal stones for them to dip into.
Cuff and pendant in aqua's and greens
Jezebel's jewels began with a sketch I made. I saw a truly elegant lady wearing a stunning brooch on a velvet scarf while we sat opposite each other on a train journey.
The brooch was made of wonderfully ridged and knobbly metal, studded with emerald and scarlet crystals. Maybe it was a priceless heirloom!
It kind of got linked in my mind with a game we used to play with coloured paper shapes, moving them around to make patterns.
So Jezebel's jewels slowly emerged from the little sketch and notes, and is now is a colourful jigsaw for beaders.
I'll post pictures of my new samples, once the vintage crystals arrive and I've had time to do the beading.
Meanwhile, if you want to come join the fun, book soon, spaces are filling up fast!