Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Love Hearts and Dolly Mixtures

sugar candy still life
I was rather taken by these endearing little Lustre glazed pots which were on a bargain shelf in a china store. Then I thought it would be fun to play around and create something soft and pretty for a change. Dolly mixtures, for those of you who may not have skipped along english pavements to the corner shop for sweeties on pocket money day... are little and very sugary candy, ideal for any tea parties where teddy bears are on the guest list.
It was a lovely antidote to a very grey wintery day, although sadly the sugar rush was tooooo much!

I chose Delica beads based on the colours in my still life picture, and decided this would be a good starting point to see if I can keep my self imposed 'Can you fit it on a postcard' challenge going. I am having so much fun playing with this idea, I'm hoping I can come up with one each month with a little cough to cover up the lack of one in January. Where did January go?

Valentine charms to go... or keep
So after a few evenings of fiddling around I settled on a very simple heart shape, worked in square stitch, and given just a hint of grown up charm with antique copper findings. Those lovely copper crystals are a total fraud... they are really made of plastic and rescued from a broken bracelet, now given a new life.
I'll be giving these away for birthdays and thank you presents for sure. But I have the green one swinging from my mobile phone, how cute am I?!!
So the pattern is available as a printed postcard, or as a one page download PDF.
All the patterns in this postcard series are rights free,
I explain why here, and your response has been so lovely I'll keep the idea going.
Please feel free and welcome to make them to sell to fundraise, and I'll continue donating profits to my charity of choice. Plus, please let me know if you do have a beady get together, or a sales table, and I'll share your success stories, plus my donations tally, here so everyone can feel the love and be inspired.