Saturday, 19 May 2012

Fierce cat hiding...

We have a new kitty on the block, a neighbours tabby is a fearless feline who is one of the swiftest hunters I have ever seen.
All through the winter I have put fat balls out for the birds, wedging the food on top of the gate posts. I've carried on through the spring as our weather has been so wintery. Now tabby kitty here spent several days at the bottom of the gate, and I thought nothing of it until I saw her catch a Long Tailed Tit.
A masterful achievement as these busy little birds are quick, and seemingly safe at over three feet above her head. It was utterly shocking!!!
I moved the fat balls to a safer location and am happy to report no further fatalities.
Kitty meanwhile spent several more days gazing hopefully at the top of the gate post... then took to sitting on the gatepost. She is quite a character and swats the paparazzi.

one feisty kitteh!

One week on and having given up on the gate post... she now sits inside a hedge, very still, for hours... in the hopes that an unsuspecting bird will come a weeny bit too near.

hidin' n waitin'