Friday, 20 January 2012

Handmade Living

Handmade Living magazine is featuring a lovely Peyote stitch ribbon bracelet in the current issue, which makes me happy happy! because it's one of my designs. Plus there's the promise of a bonus pattern on-line. You can find their site here.
I'm loving the way they have presented the design, in fact the whole issue is full of projects I'd love to make.
For the bracelet I've put together a materials pack in three delicious colour ways, Lavender, Denim or Spice, which include everything readers will need to complete the design. I've also included some notes for beginners, a kind of FAQ check list to help you get started.

Denim, Spice and Lavender
I'm doubly excited because the design includes the little clasps which I've just started using and sell here too. It's taken just ages to find the style of clasp which can be used with narrow beadwork. Once I'd finally found that, yes they are made how I'd imagined them, it's taken another few months of wearing and road testing samples with various bead and thread configurations, just to make sure they really do work. Now they are, at long last in stock, and I can start writing up more of the designs that started my questing for clasps in the first place... somehow that 'to do' list never seems to get any shorter!