Thursday, 27 October 2011

Why Acorns?...

Albion stitch and size 15's, work in progress!
Acorns and oak leaves are on trend right now thanks to Kate Middleton's divinely diamond encrusted wedding jewellery. Delve a little deeper into our pagan past and the Acorn is a symbol of fertility and abundance, apt for a bride to wear on her big day. You can also carry one in your pocket to ward off old age (! bit late but worth a go), or put one on your windowsill to protect the house from lightening strikes... which is why those curtain and blind pull thingy's are often acorn shaped, who knew!
With these comforting properties maybe it's not surprising they are emerging in all forms for our adornment when all around us is a bit unsteady.
But the honest why is that I just got an urge to see if I could bead one... it was a throw it across the room in frustration experience, followed by a walk away and ignore it while the brain ticked over session. Eventually I resorted to trusty Albion stitch and now have the beginnings of a design. I fiddled around with some spare beads to make a top for the pendant, so now all I have to do is come up with a nice way to put it all together. When I do I'll write up the pattern and pop it in the shop.